SKYCOLOR SC-6162TS Eco Solvent Plotter-Unleash Your Exquisite Visual Spectacle

2024-07-05 17:04:33

I. Product Function Introduction

1. Widely applicable materials: SKYCOLOR SC-6162TS eco solvent plotter is equipped with Epson I3200 head, which can print car stickers, PP paper, photo paper, slides, canvas, PVC and other advertising materials.

2. Fast printing speed: SKYCOLOR SC-6162TS eco solvent plotter adopts double heads four-color high-speed printing mode, and can reach 40 square meters per hour in 4PASS. This speed not only meets the advertising industry’s demand for efficient production, but also can easily cope with the challenges of large-volume orders. At the same time, the machine is also equipped with an automatic white-skip function, which can effectively save ink and reduce printing costs.

3. Easy to operate: The machine is equipped with an intelligent control system, and users can complete printing tasks with simple operations. In addition, SKYCOLOR SC-6162TS also has automatic cleaning and nozzle moisturizing functions to ensure that the equipment maintains stability and reliability during long-term use.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection: SKYCOLOR SC-6162TS eco solvent plotter adopts advanced energy-saving technology to reduce energy consumption. During the production process, no harmful gases are generated, which meets national environmental protection standards.

5. Strong stability: SKYCOLOR SC-6162TS eco solvent plotter uses high-quality accessories and precise manufacturing processes to ensure the stability and durability of the equipment. During use, there are rarely any failures or maintenance problems, creating a good working environment for users.

2. Features display

1. Industrialized appearance design is simple and beautiful: SKYCOLOR SC-6162TS indoor eco solvent plotter has a simple and elegant appearance and a full sense of fashion. The body lines are smooth and the colors are well matched, giving people a sense of stability without losing agility. Whether placed in an office or a factory workshop, it can perfectly blend with the surrounding environment.

2. Excellent printing performance: SKYCOLOR SC-6162TSeco solvent plotter performs well in performance. It uses advanced inkjet technology to achieve high-precision and high-speed printing effects. Whether it is fine text or complex patterns, it can be presented clearly and realistically. At the same time, it also supports multiple file formats output, such as JPG, BMP, TIFF, etc., which is convenient for users to carry out different forms of printing needs.

3. Humanized intelligence: The intelligent ink shortage alarm system reminds in real time, making work more time-saving and labor-saving. Users can easily set printing parameters, view printing progress, and adjust the position of the nozzle.

4. Perfect after-sales service Our company always puts customer satisfaction first. No matter what problems or difficulties you encounter during use, you can always contact our technical support team for help. We provide 24-hour after-sales service to escort your machine.

In short, SKYCOLOR SC-6162TS Eco Solvent Plotter is a powerful, easy-to-operate, and excellent printing eco solvent plotter. It is not only widely applicable to various advertising materials, but also has excellent printing speed and stability. The machine has a stylish and beautiful appearance design, and the intelligent operation function makes printing more convenient and efficient. Come and try it.