1.9m 1906-UV Mesh Belt Inkjet Printer

2024-05-09 16:29:38

A six printhead 1906-UV mesh belt inkjet printer with a maximum printing width of 1.9 meters!

Using efficient LED-UV technology, one inkjet printer has multiple functions. Color + white + color 3-layer graphics are widely used in: light sheets, transparent films, PET & PVC, super transparent, canvas, PU and other types of advertising decoration materials to meet the diverse needs of customers.

1.9m uv printer

Compatible with 3-6 Epson i3200-U1 printhead. (6 pieces standard)

Supporting various printing modes such as color white and black, color white, full color, four colors and two whites, two whites and two colors, white varnish, etc. The production speed in full color mode is 70㎡/h, and the production speed in color white mode is 22 ㎡/h.

1906 uv printer printing code