Skycolor 1903-UV Mesh Belt Machine

2022-02-07 17:10:21

Let’s continue talking about the advantages of the 1903-UV mesh belt machine

1903-UV mesh belt machine printing super transparent sticker

Core nozzle accessories

3 Epson I3200-U1 printheads, Epson’s unique VSDT (variable ink droplet technology) can freely control the size of the ink droplets ejected, presenting more picture details, smooth color transition and high saturation. At the same time, variable ink droplet printing technology can also save ink and further reduce production costs.

Five-color drawing, dazzling

Using standard new LED-UV light curing ink, healthy and low odor. The five-color printing layer is fine (CMYK +W), the ink has higher weather resistance and high saturation characteristics, and the output picture is clear and delicate.

The layered printing technology is adopted to make the surface of the picture have a concave and convex feeling, with distinct layers, and supports a variety of printing modes (color white color/white white color/white color/color white/double color mode), which is highly favored by customers.

High-end accessories, more stable performance

The mainstream printing width of 1.9 meters can meet the daily needs of a variety of printing materials; the equipment adopts THK silent linear guides, industrialized body, stable and durable, and runs smoothly; the image quality detection device LED light board, the image quality can be checked at a glance during the printing process; The UV lamp has a fast curing speed, and it dries immediately, which improves the work efficiency.

1903-UV mesh belt machine has rich printing solutions, which can print leather, soft film, roll material, super transparent sticker, PVC, etc. It is widely used in decorative paintings, car stickers, handicrafts, luggage, personalized customization and other fields. In addition to double-sided paintings, the effects and materials of the first chapter can be printed. (PS: The double-sided painting can be printed by its upgraded 1906-UV mesh belt machine)

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