2022, this easy-to-use mesh belt printer is recommended

2022-01-24 14:47:43

Relatively speaking, the price of mesh belt printer is more expensive than that of photo printer. However, because its printing materials are more diversified and can cover a wider range of application fields, in general, the cost performance is also very high. 1903-uv mesh belt printer, whether printing super transparent, soft film, or printing solid color blocks, the effect is very amazing. Because of its mesh belt transmission, it can print almost all advertising decoration materials, such as lamp, transparent film, pet & PVC, super transparent and so on.

Equipment advantages: 1 High printing precision and high color saturation, showing a beautiful and exquisite picture, clear and delicate.

2. The coil to coil printer is applied, and the accurate guide belt is transmitted without pressure to ensure non-destructive delivery.

3. Tension retraction system, more accurate picture size.

4. Epson’s unique vsdt (variable ink drop Technology) can freely control the ink drop size, showing more picture details, smooth color transition and high saturation.

5. Tension cloth retracting and releasing system, no stretching and deformation, and improve printing quality.

6. Support a variety of printing modes, including color white, white, white, color white and double color modes. You can switch the printing mode according to the needs of different customers.

7. High end customized environment-friendly ink to create a livable environment.

8. The most advanced UV curing system and printing process improve the weather resistance of color.

9. Adopt international standard aviation socket and match leakage protection device, so that the printer can operate more safely and safely.

The new year has begun. Are you ready? Net belt printer 1903-uv opens a new field of advertising for you and helps you master the new password of getting rich!

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