Small Hot-selling Eco Solvent Printer | Eight-color SJ-9132 

2024-03-21 15:17:20

It is the spring equinox, the earth is full of spring, and everything is full of vitality. In this green and energetic season, it is undoubtedly an ideal time for consumers to purchase new digital products. Today, I will sincerely recommend to you a small dual-nozzle device that has soared in popularity in the market recently and attracted much attention – the 9132 eight-color eco solvent printer.

Machine features:

1. Epson nozzle Using two Epson i3200 nozzles, the unique high-performance thin film piezoelectric print head technology can eject ink droplets as small as 2.5 picolitres (2.5 trillionths of a liter), which is first-class in terms of printing speed and printing quality. level.

2. Eight color output On the basis of the original CMYK, four colors of light red, light blue, light gray, and light gray have been added, making the colors more accurate and the color reproduction higher.

3. All aluminum high moisturizing ink stack Automatic cleaning, ink absorbing and moisturizing functions achieve the best ink absorbing effect and prevent ink breakage.

4. Intelligent Feathering The unique two-dimensional intelligent feathering function effectively eliminates banding in printing and highly improves printing quality.

5. High capacity Secondary ink supply The large-capacity secondary ink supply system can continuously output for a long time to ensure the ink supply demand and improve work efficiency.

6. Intelligent variable waveform Intelligent variable wave form, adaptively adjusts the printing waveform under different environmental conditions from 0 to 42 degrees to ensure printing quality.

7. Lesai Motor Leisai servo motor, high-precision drive linear decoding, higher accuracy, smaller length error, and more stable operation. This machine is compact and has a width of 1.3 meters. It can successfully complete most task orders on the market and is suitable for digital proofing, decorative painting, film and television post-production and other fields.