The Appearance of Skycolor 6160S Eco Solvent printer has been Upgraded!

2024-03-25 17:54:56

The new appearance is full of technology, the cover is made of acrylic material, the whole machine has smooth lines, and the color combination is eye-catching, showing a strong industrial beauty.

As the single-head king of the Skycolor series, the SC-6160S eco solvent printer has always been favored by new and old advertisers, with sales hitting new highs every year. For this popular eco solvent printer, the Skycolor team has been optimizing and upgrading it. Not only the appearance has been upgraded, but the performance has also made new breakthroughs!

The Skycolor SC-6160S ink supply system has been updated and upgraded to a constant pressure secondary ink supply system. Not only is printing more stable, but the ink capacity is increased, allowing printing to last longer, and there is no need to check the ink level frequently! Skycolor 6160 accessories introduction


The Skycolor SC-6160S single-head eco solvent printer is so popular because of its high cost performance. It is not only economical and affordable, but also has excellent configuration and stable printing quality.

Epson I3200 print head: TFP thin film piezoelectric technology + 2.5pl variable dot ink drop function, precise positioning of ink droplets, richer and fuller image color levels, and more exquisite printing effects.

sc-6160s pinch roller rubber

The fluorine rubber paper pressure wheel imported from the United States prevents static electricity and prevents ink from flying, making the printing size more accurate. The unique paper pressure wheel independent lifting device can deal with the phenomenon of local paper bulging during the printing process at any time. Imported linear guide rails: smooth movement, longer life, and can effectively reduce the resistance and noise of the small frame during high-speed movement.

Intelligent moisturizing ink stack: Intelligent nozzle cleaning and moisturizing device, with long-term sealed moisturizing and automatic cleaning functions, making operation and maintenance more convenient.

Micro-adjustable carriage: It can be adjusted up and down to adjust the position and height of the nozzle according to the thickness of different printing media, which is convenient, fast, safe and efficient.

Variable voltage: The nozzle voltage can be automatically changed according to different temperatures to avoid problems such as ink breakage and ink flying.

Intelligent feathering printing: The original two-dimensional intelligent feathering function effectively eliminates banding in printing and greatly improves the printing quality.

Compatible with a variety of printing software: intelligent design, compatible with Maintop, Photoprint, Riin and other printing software, scientific operation support, making it easier to use.