Revealing the Hottest Machine: Skycolor H1 Eco Solvent Printer

2024-04-02 17:06:48

With the continuous development of technology, more and more professional advertising equipment are constantly being upgraded, providing consumers with more choices. What we are going to introduce this time is a high-profile star product-Skycolor H1 four-head and four-color eco solvent printer.

Mainly used for high-precision large-format printing of photos, posters, car stickers, billboards, etc. Compared with other models, it has higher printing accuracy and wider printing width, and can meet the stringent requirements for image details and color performance in the professional field.

H1 wide format eco solvent printer

As a eco solvent printer positioned in the high-end market, the technical parameters of the Skycolor H1 cannot be underestimated. First of all, it is equipped with 4 high-quality Epson I3200 nozzles, which makes the prints extremely clear. It adopts THK linear silent guide rail, which has low noise, high precision, stable operation of the trolley, and extends the service life of the machine.

In terms of speed, Skycolor H1 also shows strong performance. Its printing speed is very fast. It can print 79 square meters per hour in 4 passes. In addition to its fast printing speed, it is also equipped with a high-power intelligent drying system and an automatic rewinding and unwinding system. Even large-format printing jobs can be completed in a short time. . This is undoubtedly a huge advantage for those business situations that require fast delivery of finished products.

THK guide rail

Skycolor H1 also has good compatibility and ease of use. It supports a variety of file formats, including common formats such as JPG, PDF, and professional image processing software formats such as Photoshop PSD, etc. Users can directly transfer files from the computer to the eco solvent printer for printing through the Gigabit Ethernet port, which is easy and fast to operate.

In terms of maintenance, Skycolor H1 has also been simplified as much as possible. Although as a professional equipment, regular maintenance is essential, the Skycolor H1 is equipped with an independent ink scraping system to facilitate the cleaning of a single nozzle, and the automatic ink extraction and cleaning function makes it very convenient for users to perform daily cleaning and maintenance. Work. This not only extends the service life of the equipment, but also ensures long-term stable operation.

The Skycolor H1 photo printer has become the first choice of professionals for its excellent performance and professional output quality. Therefore, if you are a professional who pursues high-quality output, then the Skycolor H1 four-head, four-color photo printer is undoubtedly a choice you cannot miss.