The eco solvent printer encounters these faults, Skycolor teaches you to solve it easily

2021-12-01 16:35:54

In the process of using the eco solvent printer, there may be some failures of one kind or another. What are the common faults and how should these faults be solved?

1.The print head does not emit ink or the printing is broken

There are several reasons for this situation:

One is that there is no ink in the ink cartridge, just add ink.

The second is that the nozzle is clogged. If the nozzle is slightly clogged, it can be cleaned with the cleaning function of the printer itself. If the clogging is serious, remove the nozzle and soak and clean it with cleaning fluid.

The third is that other links in the ink supply line are blocked, such as ink sacs, ink supply tubes, etc. At this time, clean or replace the blocked parts.

2.Printed image is skewed

The skew of the printed image of the eco solvent printer may be because the printing material is not placed flat and skewed swelling; in addition, it may be that the tension of the stepping motor in the winding system is controlled by a problem, which causes the printed image to appear skewed.

3.Misplaced print ghosting

There are two reasons for the misalignment of the double image printing on the eco solvent printer:

First, there is dirt on the grating, which causes the position sensed by the trolley frame to be inaccurate, resulting in printing errors and misalignment of printing ghosts. At this time, the grating needs to be cleaned or replaced.

The second is that the trolley frame does not run smoothly, the guide rails are too dirty, or the gaskets and copper sleeves of the trolley are worn out and there are foreign objects. At this time, the guide rails, gaskets and copper sleeves need to be cleaned or replaced.

There is a pause in the printing of the small carriage

The carriage of the eco solvent printer stalls during the printing process. It may be that the computer configuration is too low to keep up with the transmission speed and printing speed required by the eco solvent printer, or the print port transmission is too low. It is recommended to replace the computer with a higher configuration. When encountering this kind of problem for the first time, try to restart the computer and the eco solvent printer, clear the cache and so on.

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