The new F1 four-head series eco solvent printeris launched!

2021-11-25 15:56:41

The latest F1 has major changes in appearance, body, configuration and so on.

The new printer is more sturdy and durable, the precision of the printing platform is better, the drying method is more intelligent, the operation panel is more intelligent, etc., which will make it the most representative four-head eco solvent printer series in the industry. F1(

In terms of printing speed, the new F1 can reach 139㎡/h in production mode and 82㎡/h in HD mode.

Detailed explanation of the advantages of the new F1

1 Appearance. Light-emitting three-dimensional color logo design, while the printer exerts its performance advantages, it can also show the unique charm of the equipment. The visualized baffle facilitates the observation of the printing process and prevents foreign matter from contaminating the printing platform.

2 Temperature and humidity display module. Built-in temperature and humidity display module can display the working environment of the eco solvent printer in real time. For example, the working environment temperature of the general eco solvent printer requires 15℃-30℃, and the humidity is 35%-65%. Users can see the environment at a glance, and no longer rely on the thermometer and hygrometer at all times.

3 Adjustable paper rollers in three stages. The four-head photo printers currently on the market are basically non-adjustable paper rollers. The latest F1’s pressure roller adopts American fluorine rubber pressure roller, which is not only wear-resistant and anti-static, but also can be adjusted in three levels. It is suitable for a variety of printing media of different thicknesses and makes the printing size more accurate.

4 High-strength industrial design. The main board, panel and beam are all made of thickened aluminum alloy structure, the stability of the whole printer is higher, and the load-bearing capacity is stronger.

5 Dual dryers can dry in segments. Equipped with intelligent synchronous dual dryers, it supports segmented drying. The drying mode can be set according to the size and thickness of the printed screen, which can ensure high-speed output in the working state. It can save electricity and reduce costs for users.

6 THK guide rail. The THK ultra-long silent linear guide rail imported from Japan is adopted, and there is no noise under high-speed operation, ensuring smooth movement, low printer loss and prolonging the service life of the photo printer.

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