Ambilight glass stickers, all in Skycolor mesh belt printer 1903-UV!

2021-11-23 14:51:01

Color white color display window stickers can be applied in many fields, such as: school glass windows, shopping malls clothes windows, daily home decoration, product store posters, even subway advertisements, office partitions, sightseeing elevators…

So, how is the color white glass sticker made?

Color white color glass paste means that the UV printer divides the nozzles into three rows through the direct arrangement, printing color ink up and down, and white ink in the middle. When printing, select the color white color method, print the color ink first, and lay a layer of white ink. , And finally print a layer of colorful ink.

Skycolor newly presented mesh belt printer 1903-UV can print almost all advertising materials, including coated and uncoated ones.

The stickers we saw above can be achieved with this device. The printed color, white, and color UV pictures have high color saturation and high picture accuracy (even the smallest font size on the news is clearly visible), and the front and back sides are gorgeous and eye-catching. The entire picture looks like it will bring people greater visual impact and Beauty. Detailed explanation of the advantages of mesh belt printer 1903-UV


1. Print head. Three Epson I3200-U1 print heads are used, together with LED-UV light-curing inks.

2. Intelligent alarm system for lack of ink. It can alarm separately for the five colors of ink, reminding the operator to add ink in time.

3. Precise mesh belt transmission. Mesh belt conveying, three sections of air ducts, to ensure the adsorption of the printing film on the platform.

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