The new trend of the printing industry: Latex leather printer becomes the new favorite

2021-09-30 16:02:13

With the continuous innovation of printing technology, new printing equipment emerges in endlessly. In the past two years, Latex leather printer has gradually emerged and become the new darling of advertisers. Let’s get to know it now!

1903-UV Latex leather printer is a cost-effective printing device launched by the Skycolor team after extensive market research and product testing. The 1903-UV roll to roll belt UV printer is a multi-function printer with a wide range of materials, both thin and thick, with full-color, color-white, white-color, and color-white-color printing modes.


Product advantages

1. High printing accuracy, high color saturation, showing beautiful and exquisite pictures, clear and delicate.

2. The application of roll-to-roll machine, precise guide belt pressure-free transmission, to ensure non-destructive shipment.

3. The tension retractable system makes the screen size more accurate.

4. Epson’s unique VSDT (Variable Ink Drop Technology) can freely control the ejected ink drop size, presenting more picture details, smooth color transition, and high saturation.

5. Tension retractable cloth system, no stretching and deformation, improving printing quality

6. Support a variety of printing modes, color white color, white white color, white color, color white, double color mode, you can switch mode printing according to different customer needs.

7. High-end customized environmentally friendly ink to create a livable environment.

8. The most advanced UV curing system and printing process improve the weather resistance of colors.

9. Adopting international standard aviation sockets and matching leakage protection devices, the machine runs safer and more assured.

Skycolor 1903-UV Latex leather printer, you deserve it.

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