The role of grating on the eco solvent printer

2021-10-20 17:24:04

In the process of using the eco solvent printer , we often touch the parts of the grating, so what is the principle of the grating on the eco solvent printer ?

Observe the eco solvent printer carefully and you will find that there is a transparent film behind the print head. When the eco solvent printer is working, the trolley will move around on the grating. The grating is this transparent film, carefully observe that there are dense vertical lines on it.

Raster refers to a plastic material whose one side is extruded into cylindrical lines and one side is a complete plane, and the cylindrical lines are equally spaced. This raster plane can be used for printing purposes. After using raster vision software to synthesize graphics files, use different output devices Output files, so the raster is the top priority in the eco solvent printer . The grating mainly plays the role of positioning.

The interval between two vertical lines on the grating is a unit size. The grating decoder measures how many vertical lines the trolley has moved to measure the size and position of the trolley. The grating does not need to be deliberately maintained, as long as the grating surface is kept clean. In use, if the grating is dirty, the counting will be inaccurate, and the printed characters will be partially offset left and right or up and down. So just make sure that the grating is free from dirt, scratches and other damages. You don’t need to wipe it frequently. If you need to clean it, just wipe it with a non-woven cloth dipped in alcohol.

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