How does the eco solvent printer save ink

2021-10-21 11:57:28

Ink is a consumable, and it will consume a lot in printing, so it is necessary to master some saving skills when using ink. Please follow the eco solvent printer editor to learn about it below.

In the process of using the eco solvent printer, avoid repeated power-on and shutdown, because the print head must be cleaned every time it is restarted. The process of cleaning the print head requires the ink pump to pump out a part of the ink. Repeated ink pumping will inevitably cause waste. Do not rely too much on automatic cleaning. If the automatic cleaning function does not work, it is recommended to clean manually instead of repeatedly using the automatic cleaning function.

If the accuracy of the picture is not particularly high, there is no need to choose the high-pass printing mode, which is also very useful for saving ink. The printing speed can also reach the best under the economy printing mode.

It is necessary to maintain the eco solvent printer regularly to keep the eco solvent printer in good working condition, and avoid the printing machine from stopping in the middle of printing, causing waste of ink and paper.

Check the ink circuit regularly to ensure that there is no blockage of the ink circuit, otherwise it is easy to print ink, so the cleaning function must be used.

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