The stunning image quality printed by 1903UV mesh belt printer

2021-10-28 15:27:48

Compared with the traditional piezoelectric eco solvent printer, the printing effect of the UV mesh belt printer is more gorgeous and novel, such as dazzling gold paintings, double-sided paintings, 3D color paintings, super transparent stickers, leather paintings, etc., presenting a unique picture beauty, which is popular among users. Love is becoming popular in the printing industry.

The above exquisite and unique printing effects can all be realized by the uv mesh belt printers under Skycolor.

Today, I will take you to understand one of the three-head UV mesh belt printer-1903UV mesh belt printer.

The Phantom 1903-UV mesh belt printer adopts high-efficiency UV-LED technology, with a mesh belt conveyor system, and the printing material is further upgraded. It can not only print the original uv material, but also print leather, etc.


Core sprinkler accessories

With 3 Epson I3200-U1 print heads, Epson’s unique VSDT (Variable Droplet Technology) can freely control the size of the ejected ink droplets, presenting more screen details, smooth color transitions, and high saturation. At the same time, variable ink drop printing technology can also save ink and further reduce production costs.

Five-color pictures, gorgeous and dazzling

Use standard new LED-UV light curing ink, healthy and low odor. The five-color printing has fine gradation (CMYK +W), the ink has higher weather resistance and high saturation characteristics, and the output picture is clear and delicate.

Using layered printing technology, the surface of the screen has a sense of bumps and clear layers, and supports a variety of printing modes (color and white/white/white/white/color/white/double-color mode), which is highly favored by customers.

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