Printing 7 kilometers a day, this digital dye sublimation printer is a bit awesome!5

2021-11-04 16:53:51

For a long time, the green and environmentally friendly, print-and-print production methods of digital printing equipment have been paid attention to by the industry. However, due to factors such as slow speed and high cost, the application of digital printing equipment has been limited. However, with the development of time and the continuous upgrading of equipment, the phenomenon that the speed is the “short leg” of digital printing equipment has become a thing of the past.


It is understood that the 15-head high-speed digital dye sublimation printer FD61915E produced by Fedar Company already has the technical level for mass production. The speed of FD61915E can reach 610 square meters/h and the printing width is 1.9 meters. After conversion, I found that one machine can print nearly 7 kilometers a day, which is really incredible.

In addition, Fedar FD61915E digital dye sublimation printer has many user-friendly advantages:

1. Equipped with 15 Epson I3200-A1 printheads, TFP film piezoelectric technology + variable dot ink drop function, precise positioning of ink droplets, richer and fuller image color levels, and more exquisite printing effects.

2. Independently researched and developed the sprinkler multi-column arrangement, matched with the fuselage to achieve super cost-effective, sprinkler-free adjustment, and more convenient after-sales maintenance.

3. The advanced intelligent nozzle cleaning and moisturizing device provides safe and convenient nozzle cleaning and maintenance functions, making operation and maintenance more convenient. The Fedar FD61915E digital dye sublimation printer has changed the status quo of traditional equipment with low efficiency, large pollution and more labor, and has reduced raw materials, comprehensive energy consumption and labor costs by more than half. All of these have broken the bottleneck of intelligent transformation for the printing and dyeing industry and achieved mass production. Production provides powerful conditions.

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