The temperature requirements of the eco solvent printer

2021-11-11 14:59:17

What are the temperature items that we need to pay attention to when using the eco solvent printer?

1. Because the weather is relatively cold, if the indoor (working environment) is relatively cold and too dry, you should pay attention to placing a larger and thicker cloth on the eco solvent printer, especially the paper inlet Cover the printer and the paper outlet. Because the print head is inside the eco solvent printer, if you can ensure that the cold air does not enter the space of the eco solvent printer too much, it can prevent the ink droplets on the print head from solidifying, otherwise it will easily cause blockage and cause printing. The effect is reduced.


2. Keep the working temperature of the eco solvent printer between 15-30 degrees (the normal use temperature of the eco solvent printer). If there is heating, you need to turn on the heating. If there is no heating, you need to buy an electric fan or an electric heater next to the eco solvent printer. Please pay attention to it. Check the continuous supply pipeline. If it becomes hard, the temperature is too low. This will increase the resistance of the ink cart to move or cause a malfunction when it collides with the machine. Don’t ignore this problem!

3. It should also be noted that the printer needs to be turned on at least once a week. The printer needs to be preheated when it is turned on and will automatically carry out the nozzle cleaning program (usually the amount of ink consumed by the boot cleaning is very small), it can be attached to the nozzle The ink droplets are discharged to avoid clogging caused by the ink droplets staying on the nozzle for a long time. In addition, a nozzle check can effectively check the current nozzle usage to see if there are any missing lines in the print (usually, the missing lines in the print are caused by plugging).

4. In normal times, you can also open the upper cover of the eco solvent printer (must be turned off), you can see that there is a relatively smooth iron rod in the eco solvent printer, which is called a guide rod in the industry, and it is the operation of the print head. The track, due to the lubricating oil on the guide rod during operation, can quickly and accurately complete the work during printing. In winter, due to the cold weather, the lubricating oil is easy to solidify. In addition, if the machine has not been maintained during daily use, for example, the upper cover of the eco solvent printer is always opened to work, so that dust and other things will continue to invade the guide rod. It is very likely that there will be an abnormal phenomenon of the word car. If you want to avoid this, put a few drops of precision lubricant on the guide rod and try to remove the dirt left on the guide rod.


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