This is how the captain of the famous printing class is like this!

2021-12-14 17:12:44

Skycolor F1 has been our sales champion of eco solvent printers for many years. The latest Skycolor F1 has major changes in appearance, body, configuration and so on. The new printer is more sturdy and durable, the precision of the printing platform is better, the drying method is more intelligent, the operation panel is more intelligent, etc., which will make it the most representative four-head photo printer series in the industry. In terms of printing speed, the new Skycolor F1 can reach 139㎡/h in production mode and 82㎡/h in HD mode.

Detailed explanation of the advantages of the new Skycolor F1

1. Appearance. The luminous three-dimensional color logo design allows the printer to exert its performance advantages while also showing the unique charm of the equipment. The visualized baffle facilitates the observation of the printing process and prevents foreign matter from contaminating the printing platform.

2. High-strength working platform. The high-strength work product table is supported by multiple aluminum platforms to ensure the flatness of the platform and the accuracy can reach 5 wires.

3. The pinch roller can be adjusted in three levels. The four-head photo printers currently on the market are basically non-adjustable press rollers. The latest Skycolor F1’s pressure roller adopts American fluororubber pressure roller, which is not only wear-resistant and anti-static, but can also be adjusted in three levels. It is suitable for a variety of printing media of different thicknesses and makes the printing size more accurate.

4. Temperature and humidity display module. The built-in temperature and humidity display module can display the working environment of the eco solvent printer in real time. For example, the working environment temperature of a general photo printer requires 15℃-30℃, and the humidity is 35%-65%. Users can see the environment at a glance, and no longer rely on the thermometer and hygrometer at all times.

In addition to the above advantages, other examples include LED independent lighting switch (for easy observation of printer printing conditions), additional visible reflector in the buffer area on the left side of the printer (for easy observation and cleaning of the print head surface), automatic paper retracting and unloading functions, and ink shortage alarm function And so on, will bring users a more comfortable and efficient printing experience.

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