Today’s recommendation: Fedar 2.6m wide digital dye sublimation printer FD5268E

2022-01-19 15:07:02

Today, we recommend a wide width digital dye sublimation printer FD5268E with high price ratio.

Detailed explanation of FD5268E advantages:

1. It is equipped with 8 Epson i3200-a1 nozzles. The nozzle adopts TFP thin film piezoelectric technology + 2.5pl variable ink drop function to accurately locate the ink drops, with richer and fuller image color levels and more exquisite printing effect.

2. The secondary ink supply system can print continuously for a long time to ensure the output quality of the picture; The ink cartridge is equipped with an ink shortage alarm device to remind the operator to add ink in time.

3. Fluororubber paper pressing wheel imported from the United States prevents static electricity from flying ink, and the printing size is more accurate; The unique independent lifting device of the paper pressing wheel can deal with the local paper bulging in the printing process at any time.

4. Intelligent drying system: synchronized with printing, energy saving and emission reduction, that is, beating and drying. The temperature can be adjusted in real time according to the actual situation during printing.

5. Equipped with advanced intelligent nozzle cleaning and moisturizing device, it provides safe and convenient nozzle cleaning and moisturizing functions, and the operation and maintenance are more convenient.

6. Japan THK double guide rail: ensure that the trolley runs barrier free, stable and noise free, and has a longer service life.

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