What are the reasons why the print head of the eco solvent printer does not emit ink?

2021-11-17 11:30:03

During the use of the eco solvent printer, I am most afraid that the nozzle will not emit ink. What are the reasons why the print head of the eco solvent printer does not produce ink?

1. Ink

In order to save costs, some users use some brand-name inks and do not pay attention to the storage environment, resulting in excessively high or low ink viscosity. If the viscosity is too high, it will cause insufficient inkjet volume per unit time; if the viscosity is too low, it is easy to inhale air when the pressure crystal in the nozzle hole is withdrawn, causing the nozzle to not eject ink.

In addition, you must pay attention to the temperature and humidity of the environment when storing the ink: the ambient temperature should be kept at 15°C-30°C, and the ambient humidity should be kept at 35%-65%. It is recommended to use the original ink from the manufacturer, and the new ink is best placed in a working environment for 24 hours before using it to avoid clogging of the nozzle due to impurities in the ink.

If the nozzle is blocked, you need to clean the ink inside the nozzle, and then use a syringe to add air to squeeze to drain the sewage from the nozzle.

2. The print head drive voltage is unstable

The proper voltage of the print head can make the print head ink smoothly. It is recommended that users choose high-power and high-quality power strips and use brand voltage stabilizers when connecting to the eco solvent printer.

3. Fatigue damage to the piezoelectric crystal of the eco solvent printer

The fatigue damage of the piezoelectric crystal of the eco solvent printer will cause the print head to eject ink from time to time, and sometimes ink out. Especially when printing dark large-area images and a large amount of ink is required, the nozzle clogging phenomenon is especially obvious. When this happens, the nozzle needs to be replaced.

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