What should I do if the ink is blocked in the digital dye sublimation printer?

2021-11-19 15:39:52

Digital dye sublimation printers often have a slight clogging of the nozzles, which causes the machine to often not be used and cannot produce after receiving orders. Users who are familiar with the equipment may make simple adjustments or repairs, but it is a particularly difficult problem for new operators. So what should I do if the nozzle of the digital dye sublimation printer is often clogged?

Solution to Ink Blocking of Digital dye sublimation printer

1. First of all, timely and decisively and thoroughly deal with the slight clogging of the nozzle, which is very important to keep the nozzle in good working condition during the long printing process. When the ink blocking of the dye sublimation printer nozzle is relatively light, the cleaning function of the equipment should be used first for ink extraction and cleaning.

2. If the nozzle blockage is serious, you can remove the nozzle and put it in the cleaning solution to soak for cleaning.

3. Judge the cause of ink blocking according to the actual situation, and deal with it in a targeted manner. Gradual ink breakage occurs during the drawing process. This ink breakage is caused by the ink sac and the nozzle. The reason may be that the ink sac is dirty and the nozzle is aging. At this time, the ink sac and nozzle need to be cleaned. replace.

If the ink breaks suddenly during the printing process, and the ink breaks seriously, if you print a solid color base map, usually 5-10CM, the break is very severe. This kind of ink break is mostly caused by the ink, and you need to replace the high-quality ink at this time. The manufacturer’s original ink is preferred, the quality is guaranteed and the compatibility with the equipment is better.

The ink clogging of digital dye sublimation printers is not terrible. It is important to understand the reasons and solutions and deal with them in time. The above is the ink clogging knowledge of digital dye sublimation printers. I hope it can help everyone.

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