Detailed explanation of the advantages of the new 1904 mesh belt leather printer

2021-11-18 17:01:44

The 1904 mesh belt leather printer is a new product launched by the Skycolor team this year. It is mainly used in the home furnishing industry and leather accessories industry. It can print silk circles and carpets. Compared with traditional printers, it has fast printing speed, high precision and good color. It is equipped with 4 Epson I3200-E1 nozzles, with a printing accuracy of 3200dpi and a printing speed of 69㎡/h. 1904 Product advantages

1. Epson’s unique VSDT (Variable Ink Drop Technology) can freely control the ejected ink drop size, presenting more details of the picture, smooth color transition and high saturation.

2. Precise mesh belt transmission without pressure to ensure lossless shipment.

3. The suction platform adopts a high-pressure vortex fan, and the printing table is divided into three sections, and the adsorption force can be adjusted.

4. Tension retractable system, no stretching and deformation, improve printing quality.

5. Adopting international standard aviation socket and matching leakage protection device, the printer runs safer and more assured.

6. The honeycomb printing platform has more uniform air suction and more stable feeding.

7. Imported THK linear mute guide rails ensure stable operation of the trolley and high-definition print quality.

8. 5L large ink cartridges, independent ink shortage alarm system, each ink tube independently supplies ink to a row of nozzles, which is more stable for long-term work.

9. Intelligent drying system, synchronized with printing, energy saving and emission reduction, manual drying and automatic drying can be switched freely.

10. Intelligent feathering printing: unique two-dimensional intelligent feathering function, which can eliminate BANDING in printing, and the printing quality is highly improved.

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