Bringing You A Kind of Different Feeling of Experience–FD70-2 Make It

2022-02-25 15:57:55

According to industry data, the proportion of digital printing is becoming heavier in the entire textile industry, and more and more textile printers are embracing digital printing. If you want to know which printer is endowed with such a “magic” that makes people attract to it, FD70-2 DTF Pet Film Printer, I thought.

DTF is new technology textile printer, it can replace tranditional flatbed pigment printer, print speed is more faster and process is more easy. Just need 2 people can handle all print and transfer solution. Save much product cost.

Working Principle: using pigmemt ink and printing on film, then splash powder on the printed picture and drying it.Finally, transfer it on your material.

1.Adopt EPS3200 printhead,4 pass printing speed 9sqm/h.

2. Complete production solution,low-cost invest,big profits

3. High efficiency,High cost performance

4. Easy to operate,max support 9 gray scale

5. Wide applications,design for textile printing

6. Environment friendly and energy conservation

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