Currently recognized as the most cost-effective eco solvent printer it can be called the no regret series, it turned out to be it

2021-11-09 17:20:50

Stromjet eco solvent printer has been in the printing equipment manufacturing industry for 15 years. Its eco solvent printers include single and double heads, four heads, eight heads and UV color white mesh belt machine series. Among them, there is such a device that has been available for many years and is still favored by customers.

Many users who cooperate with Stromjet regard it as the first choice at the beginning of their business. This device is the Stromjet 3180S double-head series. SJ3180S The three advantages of Stromjet 3180S can help advertisers solve problems!

1. Fast printing speed

Stromjet 3180S is equipped with two Epson I3200 nozzles, which can output 80 square meters per hour in 2pass mode. It is easy to complete daily orders in time.

While ensuring the speed, the output accuracy of this device can reach up to 3200DPI, and the printed product is exquisite and exquisite, which is comparable to the output effect of the six-color eight-color machine on the market.

2. The printing color is stable

The printing speed is important, but the stable color of the output product can bring a stable source of customers for the enterprise. Especially for batch orders, if you want to ensure that the color, size and effect of the first and 100th printed sheets are the same, the printing equipment must be stable.

The advanced configuration of Stromjet 3180S provides a guarantee for color stability output: THK silent linear guide, fluorine rubber paper roller, anti-collision frame, and high moisture ink stack.

3. Many printing materials

The diversity of printed materials determines the number of customers in the advertising order industry and makes the profits earned more diversified. Stromjet 3180S can print many media in the advertising industry, such as photo paper, adhesive pp, pvc transparent film, light film, photo cloth and inkjet cloth and so on.

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