Recommended this week: FD6198E digital sublimation printer

2021-11-12 15:41:30

The FD6198E high-speed digital sublimation printer produced by Fedar Printing, equipped with 8 Epson print heads, can print at 370 square meters per hour with 1Pass, and is the first choice for processing in large digital processing plants.

So what are the advantages of this model’s configuration?

This model is equipped with eight original Epson I3200-A1 print heads. Because of Epson’s unique VSDT (Variable Ink Drop Technology), the smallest ink drop is 2.5PL (Note: PL means microliter, and the unit of volume measurement is equivalent to “10 The minus 15 times” cubic meter, that is, 1000 cubic microns), you can freely control the size of the ejected ink droplets, thereby reducing the graininess of the picture, presenting more picture details, smooth color transition, and high saturation.

1. Appearance

The blue shell makes the machine more stable, and the overall frame is industrialized, making it more stable and reliable to use.

2. Anti-collision frame

The height of the nozzle can be adjusted freely according to different printing consumables, which is widely used and convenient to adjust; anti-collision devices are added at both ends to provide more comprehensive safety protection for the nozzle.

3. Air expansion shaft rewinding and unwinding system

During operation, there is no need to use other accessories to fix the printing medium, and the air pressure is used to automatically adjust. Make the force uniform and make the paper more smooth. The rewinding and unwinding system has the characteristics of large load-bearing weight, long service life, uniform force on unwinding and unwinding, and short inflating and deflating operation time.

4. Ink stack

The advanced intelligent nozzle cleaning and moisturizing device provides safe and convenient nozzle cleaning and maintenance functions, making operation and maintenance more convenient.

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