Some people make ten million dollars a year on this advertising machine

2021-11-08 17:53:35

The Skycolor H1 four-head high-end eco solvent pronter is equipped with four Epson I3200 print heads, and the high-quality production output can reach 80 square meters/h. It can quickly respond to large and urgent orders, shorten the delivery cycle, and achieve 24-hour delivery. High-precision printing, Epson’s unique variable ink drop technology, precise positioning of ink droplets, simultaneous inkjet printing with 3,200 nozzles, natural color transition of the picture, dark and light colors, and pure colors can be easily done.


Eight advantages of Skycolor H1

1.Japanese THK linear guide, no noise, more stable movement, more stable printing, and prolong the service life of the machine.

2.Double-servo Leisai brushless integrated motor, high-precision drive, linear decoding, higher precision, smaller length error, and more stable operation.

3.Imported fluorine rubber press rollers prevent static electricity and prevent ink flying. The print size is more accurate. Multiple gears can be adjusted, which can easily cope with various printing media.

4.The intelligent alarm function for ink shortage and waste ink provides support for continuous high-speed and stable printing.

5.Intelligent drying system: segmented control, synchronized with printing, energy saving and emission reduction.

6. Compatible with a variety of printing software, such as Maintop, Photoprint, ONYX and other printing software, scientific operation support, more convenient to use.

7. Intelligent Synchronous Paper Delivery System: Synchronize with printing and stop printing immediately.

8. Industrial frame design, the printing platform adopts air-cooled quenching, aging treatment process, and the precision is controlled within 10 filaments.

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