The king of high-speed eco solvent printer F1808!

2021-11-16 17:15:04

With the advent of the post-new crown epidemic era, advertising orders gradually tend to be batched and urgent. In this situation, it is a matter of course that high-speed photo printing equipment has become the first choice of the bosses.

Recommend a king of high-speed machines, and also the high-end machine that Skycolor focuses on-Stormjet F1808 eight-head eco solvent printer.


Stormjet F1808 is equipped with 8 Epson I3200 print heads, which can print both outdoor and indoor advertisements. The eight print heads are all in the battle and cooperate with other advanced configurations of the equipment. The maximum printing speed can exceed 268㎡/h.

1. Automatic winding and unwinding system

Equipped with an automatic rewinding and unwinding system that can withstand 1000 meters/roll of printing media, which can avoid the problem of frequent paper loading during high-speed printing. The automatic rewinding and unwinding can also reduce the workload of workers, reduce the time for material replacement, and improve printing efficiency .

2. Anti-collision frame

The anti-collision frame is equipped with almost every manufacturer’s eco solvent printer to prevent the print head from being damaged when the printing medium has a warped edge or there are other magazines on the printing platform. The anti-collision frame of this device has the function of anti-rubbing paper, and can also adjust the height of the head according to the thickness of different printing media, which can easily cope with various printing media.

3. Ink supply system

Adopting a large-capacity secondary ink supply system to increase the stability and smoothness of ink supply, continuous printing for a long time, and one-time ink supply, which can facilitate long-time unattended inkjet printing

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