High-precision work: Sky Color 4180 eight-color eco solvent printer

2021-10-09 15:26:17

We know that the general photo printers on the market are four-color and six-color, with four color modes of red, yellow, blue, and black. The application areas are generally indoor and outdoor advertising and other places.

The latest eight-color eco solvent printer launched by Sky Color is designed to be in line with the printing quality of international eco solvent printers. The screen accuracy of Sky Color 4180 eight-color eco solvent printer can reach the image level, and can be used for wedding photo output, decorative painting and advertising industries. Produce high-end customers to provide perfect image quality guarantee.

Sky Color 4180 eight-color eco solvent printer, with 4 deep + 4 light color matching (CMYK LC LM LK LLK), the color gamut is wider, the color is more lifelike, and it can output more than 2000 colors (verified by professional printing), theoretically color The output can reach tens of millions.

Advantages of Sky Color 4180 eight-color printer

1. Nozzle: equipped with 2 Epson I3200 heads, the color reproduction degree is above 98%, and the effect is to crush all four-color and six-color imported printers.

2. Guide rail: imported THK silent linear guide rail makes the carriage run more smoothly and print more stable.

3. Drying system: Standard intelligent drying system, synchronized with printing, that is, it can be printed and dried, and 6 different adjustment modes can be saved at the same time.

4. Motor: The motor is a Leisai servo brushless integrated motor, which has higher precision and smaller length error.

5. Ink cartridges: Provide eight large-capacity ink cartridges, and each ink tube independently supplies a row of nozzles to ensure the high-speed output of large-area thick images.

In general, Skycolor 4180 eight-color printer has a wider color gamut, richer colors, and more high-definition accuracy, which expands the application range of the eco solvent printer business, provides more application scenarios for inkjet printing companies, and provides end users with business expansion.