Fedar FD5198E highlights the charm of “Small Steel Cannon” in the details

2021-09-27 17:44:44

In recent years, with the increasing popularity of digital printing in the textile printing field, more and more printing and dyeing equipment manufacturers have entered the field of digital printing. The competition between digital printing machines has extended to every detail. We often say that “details determine success or failure”, no matter what you do, the details must not be ignored. The reason why many things are more perfect than other similar things is mostly because of breakthroughs in details. Fedar FD5198E, known as the digital printing small steel gun, has been favored by more consumers in terms of details.

First, Fedar FD5198E is equipped with Epson’s I3200-A1 print head, its unique VSDT (Variable Ink Drop Technology), the smallest ink drop is 2.5PL, you can freely control the ejected ink drop size, accurately position the ink drop, and improve printing. Accuracy.

Second, Fedar FD5198E is equipped with a Leisai brushless integrated servo motor, high-precision drive linear decoding, higher precision, smaller length error, and more stable performance.

Third, Fedar FD5198E adopts the expansion and tightening self-locking synchronous wheel structure to ensure uniform stepping accuracy and smaller errors.

As a high-speed digital printing machine, Fedar FD5198E is of course the most concerned about its performance. Regarding this point, you don’t need to worry, the productivity of Fedar FD5198E printed small steel cannon is not blown out, it can easily cope with all kinds of big orders. It would be more intuitive to give an example: For example, for an order of 10,000 meters, printing a 1.9-meter-wide fabric requires only 2 machines and can be completed in one day. We still look at the details of why it has such a high performance.

First, it is well known that the number and arrangement of nozzles determine the printing speed of the printer. Fedar FD5198E is not only equipped with 8 nozzles, but also upgraded the arrangement of nozzles, and its printing speed can reach 370㎡/h. The new arrangement of nozzles also improves the print quality by at least 20%.

Second, Fedar FD5198E is equipped with an automatic retracting and releasing system for the inflatable shaft. It can retract 1000 meters of paper at a time, eliminating the need for frequent paper loading operations, saving manpower and time, and providing a guarantee for the continuous high-speed printing of the equipment. The unique swing lever in the rewinding and unwinding system ensures that the paper is evenly stressed during the entire printing process, and the rewinding is smooth and firm.

Third, Fedar FD5198E also has many high-end quality accessories, such as: high-precision paper guide roller with groove, 100 mm in diameter, to solve the wrinkle problem of thin paper printing; American fluorine rubber pressure paper roller to prevent static electricity and prevent ink from flying. The print size is more accurate. The unique lifting device of the pressure roller can always deal with the phenomenon of local paper bulging during the printing process.

Fedar FD5198E is called the printed small steel gun, and another important reason is its super high flexibility. Compared with the eight-head equipment on the market, its volume is more compact and occupies a smaller space. For example: to place 5 FD5198E, only more than 40 square meters of working space is needed. The production capacity of 5 FD5198E can reach 44,000 square meters per day. During our field visit, a processing plant in Tianjin mentioned that their processing site was divided into upper and lower floors. After using this small steel gun, only the ground floor below is enough. While ensuring production capacity, FD5198E helped them reduce the space occupied by the site, thus virtually saving part of the production cost.

In textiles and clothing fabrics, the digital printing process is loved by the industry and outsiders because of its high printing accuracy, no plate making, flexible batch size, environmental protection, and small footprint. For large-scale digital printing factories with large daily output and high requirements for printing speed, Fedar FD5198E digital printing machine is fast, high-precision, and stable in operation. It is your high-quality choice for high-speed digital printing machines.