Focus on high-speed printing—Fedar FD51915E digital sublimation printer

2022-02-11 16:24:59

Fedar FD51915E was very popular in the printing exhibition in 2021, attracting the attention and consultation of many printing people. Let’s learn about it.

Product details: printer Model: Fedar FD51915E digital printing printer; Nozzle type: Epson i3200-a1 nozzle; Number of nozzles: 15; Printing width: maximum 1900mm; Printing speed: 610 ㎡ / h.

Product advantages:

1. The operation steps are simple and convenient. Generally speaking, one operator can complete the printing work independently. Some digital printing printers can operate multiple printers by one person, which is very time-saving and labor-saving, saving a lot of labor costs.

2. Suitable for printing on a variety of materials. Traditional printing is mostly printed on leather, cotton and other materials, but the heat transfer digital printing printer can also print patterns on silk, linen, pure cotton, polyester and other fabrics, with fast printing speed and high precision, giving you a different printing experience.

3. Epson i3200-a1 nozzle has higher printing accuracy. Epson i3200-a1 nozzle, TFP thin film piezoelectric technology + 2.5pl variable ink drop function, can freely control the size of the sprayed ink drop and accurately locate the ink drop, so as to reduce the grain feeling of the picture, present more picture details, smooth color transition, high saturation, richer and fuller image color levels, and more exquisite printing effect.

4. The speed is up to 610 ㎡ / h, helping you seize the market first. If the printing speed is adjusted to 610 ㎡ / h, it can be calculated that printing 1.9-meter-wide fabrics can print more than 300 meters in an hour. Only three printers are needed, and the output per day is more than 20000 meters, which can meet the production needs of customers for large quantities of orders; If you use a six head printer with an area of 200 m2 / h and print the same 20000 meters a day, you need about 8 printers.

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