High-definition Outdoor Eight-Color Machine, Unlock The New World Of Peak Picture Quality

2022-07-06 15:08:40

When it comes to printing accuracy, in the perception of many advertisers, the printing accuracy of outdoor eco solvent printers is not as good as indoors. In fact, this is not absolute. The printing accuracy of some outdoor eco solvent printers is not inferior to indoor ones, or even better than indoor ones.

The outdoor eco solvent printer that I recommend to you today has unparalleled high-definition print quality and can be called the “camera” in the outdoor eco solvent printer. It is the SkeycolorH1 four-head, eight-color eco solvent printer.

Eco solvent printer/Banner printer /Advertising Printing

The SkeycolorH1 four-head eight-color eco solvent printer has been shown in the previous Tiancai live broadcast. There are many comments and inquiries, and fans are very interested in it, so this article will introduce this ultra-high-definition outdoor eight-color eco solvent printer in detail. solvent printer.

Eco solvent printer/Banner printer /Advertising Printing

The Skeycolor H1 four-head outdoor eight-color printer is the latest high-speed high-definition eco solvent printer developed by the Tiancai team. It uses four Epson i3200-E1 print heads, and has been upgraded and optimized on the basis of the original 4180 double-head eight-color printer, and the printing speed has improved. The improvement of the production output speed in one hour reaches 40㎡/h.

With the advantage of 4 colors, the eight-color eco solvent printer can achieve photo-level printing quality and achieve delicate and exquisite picture output, 4 dark + 4 light color matching (C M Y K LC LM LK LLK), wider color gamut, color More realistic, can output more than 2,000 colors (identified by professional printing), theoretically, the color output can reach tens of millions.

Mainly used in the field of high-definition printing, such as wedding photos, interior decoration, artwork reproduction, etc.