What Should I Do If The Eco Solvent Printer Has Deep And Shallow Plots?

2022-07-21 14:38:24

In daily work, sometimes the colors printed by the eco solvent printer are different shades of light, and the colors are not balanced. Why is this? How should it be solved?According to our analysis, the following four situations may lead to the problem of “deep and shallow” in the printing of eco solvent printer. And our technical engineers have given corresponding solutions for each situation, which are shared with you one by one below.

1. The inkjet of the printer nozzle is discontinuous

The discontinuous ink-jetting of the printer nozzle will lead to the appearance of light and dark channels on the screen when printing with the eco solvent printer, and the discontinuous ink-jetting may be caused by the following two reasons.

First, confirm whether the nozzle status is normal before printing. If the needle is missing, please use the nozzle maintenance function, and then print until the nozzle status has no missing needles.

2. The printer step is not adjusted properly

The printer’s stepping is not adjusted properly, resulting in dark and shallow printing. This situation is generally not a stepper motor quality problem or an installation problem, but a lot of human factors. It may be that the operator does not understand the importance of stepping in the printing process. If it is ignored, or the operator does not know how to set it, in this case, ask the operator to learn to adjust the appropriate stepping according to the material characteristics.

 eco solvent printer

3. The pressure of the pinch roller is too large

If the pressure of the pinch roller of the machine is too large, the printing medium will be deformed and cannot be recovered in a short time. In this way, the inkjet height of the nozzles during printing is different, and the imprints similar to those of the pinch roller are prone to produce dark and shallow tracks. In this case, just adjust the pressure of the pinch roller.

4. The problem of the material itself

First, is the material damp or deteriorated due to long storage time? We recommend printing on material with a newer date.

Second, the coating on the surface of the material is not uniform. There are many material specifications and models on the market, but each manufacturer uses different materials and workmanship. When some brands of materials and workmanship are relatively poor, it is easy to have different shades of ink printed on it. We It is recommended to replace other brands of materials for printing.

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