Today recommends: High-speed Outdoor Eco Solvent Printer

2022-07-20 14:56:50

I can’t finish the customer’s order, and I always have to work overtime. What should I do? Today, I would like to recommend a high-speed outdoor eco solvent printer, which will allow you to receive more and more orders, and you will no longer have to stay up late and work overtime. Skeycolor H1 eight-head outdoor eco solvent printer, equipped with eight Epson i3200-E1 nozzles, 1pass 268㎡/h, 2pass185㎡/h, easily handle all kinds of large orders and urgent orders.

First feel the printing speed of the eight-head machine

 eco solvent printer

In functional design, Tiancai team is people-oriented, and convenience is the premise. Such as two-level constant pressure ink supply system, front, middle and rear heating function, intelligent feather printing, anti-collision/anti-rubbing paper function, ink shortage/waste ink alarm function, automatic lifting and moisturizing ink stack, etc., from the details, to ensure that customers are easy to operate , easy to use.

Skeycolor H1 eight-head eco solvent printer, as a high-speed pioneer in the advertising printing industry, prints indoors and outdoors, and produces a large number of pictures, which is immediately desirable. Equipped with 8 Epson I3200 printheads, 24-hour unattended printing, with a daily output of up to 4000 square meters. One set of printing efficiency equals 6-8 sets of other equipment, and it has become the favorite of large-scale processing and production enterprises.

SkyColor Printer is a Professional Manufacture of Wide Format Printers in China. SkyColor Printer focuses on Wide Format Eco Solvent Printer, UV Flatbed Printer and Sublimation Printer ( ) More than 15 Years.

The products are exported to Europe, America, South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and in many countries and regions around the world to establish a distribution network and service system.